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Fenton & Saginaw, Michigan

Workshops/ Classes 
These can be scheduled as a group party in addition to readings if requested! 

Empath Workshoplearn what an empath is, how to protect your energy, how to use your ability. You will learn ways to protect as well

Chakras: learn all the chakras & ways to align to live your healthiest & best life 

Crystal Grids: includes the knowledge you need to set up a crystal grid to manifest your dream life. Additional fee for me to supply grids & crystals 

Past Life Regression: I will take a group into a trance state to view a past life or meet your spirit guide

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Soulstice Healing  

Soulstice Healing (90min) $160

My innovative technique! Working with your energy, Soulstice energy, Reiki Energy and you higher self, we will work together to release the energy that is preventing you from living your best life. If you have been through trauma, are grieving, or have had a breakup that you can’t get over, Soulstice healing is for you. The session includes a Reiki/Soulstice healing session including chakra balancing & meditation to clear deep emotional ties.

CST addresses blockages in the physical body. CST has been known to relieve migraines, anxious feelings, chronic conditions, fatigue, body tension, mental/emotional upset, past traumas & much more. During a CST session, restrictions in the cranial sacral system are released through gentle, hands on holds which improve the overall function of the nervous system. This holistic process begins the “unwinding” of stored energies, emotions, & past traumas in your physical body, especially in the bones of your spine, sacrum, and skull. Cranial Sacral Therapy works on a multi-dimensional level allowing for the unconscious rebalancing of body, mind, and spirit.  Clients often report feeling deeply relaxed while, at the same time, feeling that they have experienced a profound level of internal, personal healing. 

Craniosacral Therapy 
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I founded Daizes, LLC after the sudden death of my husband in May 2020. He always wanted me to retire from my stressful corporate career & sell my arts & crafts. Just a few months after his death I left that job, deciding only to allow positive energies around me to stay in a non-stressed state of mind. 14 months after, I lost my father. Losing 2 of the most influential men in my life was life-altering, but Reiki & crafting has been my new direction. I was compelled to start my Spiritual Journey, and I am so grateful that with my husband and father's deaths, I have found my calling. I am finally passionate & doing everything I am able to help others in their own spiritual journeys or to give messages from the universe. Being a Reiki Master has opened my channels to my psychic abilities, medium work and now I am offering my innovative technique, Soulstice Healing, & QHHT sessions (founded by Dolores Cannon). I have one goal in mind: helping others feel better in this life. Whether it is me offering healing or intuitive sessions or providing a handmade gift that puts a smile on someone's face. If I can make someone else happy for even a moment, I feel fulfilled.  It was only fitting that Daizes was the name I chose as my dad always called me Daisy ♥ for as long as I remember. With his passing, my mom has now been using this nickname and it warms my heart every time I hear it.
Please look around & let me know if there is something you're looking for in particular, I will make customized creations just for you as needed.  Have a blessed day & be kind to yourself & others every day. 

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Please contact me using the information below. You can also contact me on my Facebook page at Daizes Reiki. 

Fenton & Saginaw, MI, USA

(989) 462-1515

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